Blue Highway (2013)

When thinking how to describe this movie one word popped into my head immediately – namely: ‘gentle’ since Blue Highway is truly a gentle, delicate and honest story of two  young people wandering across America in a car.

Kerry & Dillon (Kerry Bishé and Dillon Porter) are a couple and very good friends who travel to visit some places that once were film sets for particular scenes in movies they love.

The travel they undertake is meant to be an unforgettable adventure they would hopefully evoke many years later. However, what the couple planned this escapade would be, turns out a little different. It brings out some untold issues both of them must face and respond to. It is a time of sweetness, joy, excitement but also of some sadness, regret and bitterness that lie under the skin.

Kerry and Dillon realize their dream going on this long journey from North Carolina to Los Angeles but they also realize that their relationship and their lives are much more complicated then they thought at the beginning. What I appreciate in the film most is that Kerry and Dillon do not quarrel much, they avoid drama and maintain a mature, quite collected attitude – they seem to understand and be reconciled with the fact that life is not always what we want it to be. They try to keep this journey memorable because they know another one may never happen.

In Blue Highway the writer and director Kyle Smith was able to create characters who seem ordinary – just a couple next door – but under the surface of it there is depth, sensitivity, humor, and many felicitous and insightful observations.

I had a chance to see this film at the screening during the American Film Festival in Wroclaw, Poland and I am happy I did. The film is pleasant to watch and I wish it was a bit longer. It is quite rare to see a movie about young Americans who love life and carry on gracefully despite being disillusioned. American dream has perished but what’s left is a human being on his or her search for some personal meaning and happiness.

Blue Highway trailer


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