Why I like Adam Sandler movies – part 1

Why do I like Adam Sandler movies? Even the bad ones – with one exception though. Well, as their twitter profile says it’s a Happy Madison family – and even if not all of Adam Sandler movies have been made by his production company – this is where my fandom begins.

For some reason – I like watching the same faces that appear over and over again in Adam Sandler films, it gives me the sense of familiarity with that funny company of often seriously damaged, weird characters who usually struggle to protect their dreams, ideas or newly found wisdom – and always win in the end. I like same motifs appearing in his movies – e.g. Duran Duran, Miami Vice/Don Johnson, hit songs of the 80-ties, especially ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey, etc.

OK, I know it sounds a bit too ideal – Adam Sandler’s movies are about much more than that – his characters do have serious issues, the most popular one is anger management and what one can easily see Mr. Sandler does have good laugh at some aspects of the so called Western mentality – brought to extremes sometimes but thus even more funny (or at least this is how I understand e.g. the scene from That’s My Boy when Donny catches the siblings in the act of incest and one of them tries to give an excuse saying: ‘It’s what good looking people do! They have sex with other good looking people, you know’).

Yes, Adam Sandler’s characters are often vulgar, laud and unpredictable, his fellow comrades frequently get themselves stoned, obsessed with women or computer games or are simply unable to cope with the demands of the so called modern society (in general) – however all those apparent losers are in fact individuals who carry their own truth deep inside them. They are usually going through some rough patch and in the end they manage to find the way out, to pull themselves together, forgive, save the world, stay loyal to their family and/or friends,  and win over a beautiful lady, etc.

Yes, there is a lot of bitterness (e.g. some of David Spade’s lines) in Adam Sandler movies as well – after all we (I mean those who actually like his films) who laugh while watching them, realize  that it’s all about the humanity itself – all the foibles, issues, and ‘things we do when no one’s watching’ are being exposed ruthlessly, but still … all stays in the family, so to speak.

A Happy Madison family who used to have a really lovely website (now turned into a facebook and youtube sites) that only intensified the impression of coziness, friendliness and fun (I loved Adam Sandler’s dad’s letters posted there: full of love and parental concern). The impression however was purely an impression though – those Happy Madison guys are truly hardworking individuals, who probably hardly ever have a day off – which unfortunately is noticeable in some of their films, where Adam Sandler looks quite tired and as if he wanted to be somewhere else (e.g. Just Go With It – I do love this film but Mr. Sandler used to put a lot more effort into his acting in many of his other movies) – would it be true then, what Chris Rock once said that many comedians lose their passion for the job, and keep working just to maintain their luxurious lifestyles (because they’ve already achieved everything they ever wanted)? Let’s hope it’s not the case. Anyway, I keep my fingers crossed for the upcoming Grown Ups 2 or actually for that new Drew Barrymore movie.

To be cont.


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